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Book Recommendations

If you have yet to visit Skye, or just want to remind yourself of past visits, here are some resources that I hope you will find useful and interesting.

Where possible I've included direct links to Internet sources for the books, but if you'd rather use your local bookstore or library, that's fine by me.

Our list or recommendations is growing, but we can't cover all your possible interests, so if you need something else, try a search of Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com.

I am always looking for ways to improve these pages, so if you want to suggest a book I ought to include or if you want to make any other comment, please use the feedback form or email me.

Guides Maps Photo Books Culture Gaelic Fiction

Guides to the Skye and Beyond

Guide books of interest both to the general visitor and to walkers.

Maps of the Area

Useful to any visitor, essential for hill walkers and climbers.

Photo Books of the Island & Beyond

Most modern guidebooks contain excellent pictures, but this section concentrates on books where the photographs are the dominant feature of the book.

Highlands & Islands Gaelic Culture

Investigate Gaelic culture through its proverbs and folklore.

The Scottish Gaelic Language

Learn about the language and maybe join the growing band of Gaelic learners. Thig a-steach!

Fiction: Including the Bruach books of Lillian Beckwith

Humorous adventures in a fictitious village somewhere on Skye, and other general reading

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Full Disclosure

Some links on these pages are in association with Amazon.co.uk and in association with Amazon.com.

If you buy a book through any of the links provided, I get a small kickback from Amazon. The book doesn't cost you any more, it's just Amazon thanking me for pointing you in their direction.

There is no obligation to buy through these links and Amazon never tell me (or anyone else) who bought what book when. If you prefer to support your local bookstore or library, that's fine by me - all the relevant details are provided on the review pages.

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