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Leabhraichean Ghàidhlig

Though English is universally understood and almost universally used in the Scottish Highland and Islands, the indigenous language is Scottish Gaelic.

The ranks of native speakers are now being joined by an enthusiastic and growing band of learners throughout the world. This page covers some of the resources available to learners and others interested in the language.

For ease of searching I have divided the titles into Tutorial Books, Courses & Learners Resources and Dictionaries & Phrase Books

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Tutorial Books, Courses and Learners' Resources

Scottish Gaelic in Three Months - Ò Maolalaigh & MacAonghuis

Teach Yourself Gaelic - Boyd & Robertson

Speaking Our Language - Cànan

Gaelic Verbs: Systemised, Simplified - Colin B.D. Mark

Scots Gaelic: a Brief Introduction - G.R. McLennan

Dictionaries & Phrase Books

Illustrated Gaelic-English Dictionary - Edward Dwelly

Abair! - Gaelic-English & English-Gaelic Dictionary - R.W, Renton & J.A. MacDonald

The Modern Gaelic-English Dictionary - R.C. Owen

Everyday Gaelic: - Morag MacNeill

Brigh nam Facal: - Richard Cox

An Stòr-Data Briathrachais Gàidhlig - Clò Ostaig

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