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Scots Gaelic: a Brief Introduction

George McLennan

A fascinating little book (at around 30 pages it's hardly more than a pamphlet) giving some background to the development and formation of the language.

At the back of the book is a selection of approximately 300 words with which, according to one 1930's scholar, it should be possible to "get along" in Gaelic without recourse to English!

N.B. My comments are based on the 1987 edition. I've not seen the newer 1998 version, but I understand that it is essentially similar.

Scottish Book Source Paperback 1998 187464019X 64* Yes No
Gairm Paperback 1987 0901771880 28 No Yes

* This is the page count shown in Amazon.co.uk, and seems surprisingly large to me compared to the earlier edition. I'll check it out when I find a real copy.

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