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Illustrated Gaelic-English Dictionary

Edward Dwelly

Originally published 1901-11 this weighty tomb remains THE classic Gaelic-English dictionary. The book is available from more than one publisher - both produced facimile editions when the original went (briefly) out of copyright.

N.B. Dwelly covers Gaelic to English only. As you become more experienced in the language this becomes less of a problem - I find that although I have English to Gaelic dictionaries, I use Gaelic to English far more often.

The word Illustrated in the book's title refers to black & white line drawings that accompany some of the definitions.

It's worth noting that last time I checked on US Amazon.com the Birlinn hardcover edition was cheaper than the equivalent paperback!

Gairm Paperback 1994 1871901286 1034 Yes Yes
Birlinn Paperback 1993 1874744041 1034 Yes No
Birlinn Hardcover 1997 1874744432 1034 No Yes

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