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Hugo's Scottish Gaelic in Three Months

Roibeard Ò Maolalaigh with Iain MacAonghuis

An excellent and reasonably priced course, perhaps best suited to those who don't mind a little grappling with grammar terms.

If I was starting to learn now and couldn't stretch to the far more expensive Speaking Our Language course, this would be the book I would choose.

Even if you later decided to go with Speaking Our Language, the Hugo would remain a valuable reference book.

Dorling Kindersley UK Paperback Book plus audio cassette icon 1998 085285370X 236 Yes No
Dorling Kindersley UK Paperback 1998 0852853696 236 Yes No
DK Publishing US Paperback Book plus audio cassette icon 1999 0789444399 256 Yes Yes
DK Publishing US Paperback 1999 0789444305 256 No Yes

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