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Speaking Our Language


This is the best, most comprehensive Scottish Gaelic course currently available. The course originally accompanied a set of television programs which appeared in 4 series, each of 18 programs.

The whole course uses the modern conversation & use based approach to language learning. The early stages progress at a sensibly measured pace and the density of material gradually increases towards the later stages.

Unfortunately with excellence comes cost and the whole set (books, tapes & videos) adds up to quite a lot of money - though naturally you only need to buy the more advanced materials as you are ready for then. Those in America should also note that so far only the first two sets of video tapes are available in NSTC (American) format.

Cànan Beginners - Series 1 Book(s) 1993 189787300X 72 + 72* Yes No
Cànan Upper Beginners - Series 2 Book 1993 1897873034 120 Yes No
Cànan Lower Intermediate - Series 3 Book 1994 1897873093 120 Yes No
Cànan Upper Intermediate - Series 4 Book 1996 1897873190 120 Yes No

For the videos and audio tapes see Cànan's own web pages

* Series 1 was originally published as a pair of books, i.e. Part 1 & Part 2.

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